Benefits of using incense sticks at home

Benefits of using incense sticks at home

Rituals are deeply rooted in Indian culture. Whether it is an everyday puja or a festive moment, the offering to God is incomplete without lighting an incense stick.
The fragrance released from incense stick not only makes the environment divine, but also uplifts the mood of people in the living space. There is a deep philosophy hidden behind the burning of incense stick. Though the incense stick is reduced to ashes, its fragrance is utilized for sacred rituals, meditation & unwinding. The burning of incense stick is an example that one must have a sacrificing spirit to work for other’s betterment. The usage of incense stick is not just limited to worship. It offers several benefits which are useful for day-to-day life.

1] Natural air-purifier – Compared to aerosols, incense sticks are safe in usage. The fragrance released from incense sticks dispels the negative odors and connects one to refreshing aroma. With help of incense sticks, it becomes easy to refresh the ambience in a short span of time.

2] Improves concentration – Since ancient times, sages, spiritualists and saints have used incense products as a medium to boost their concentration level. Even today, lighting an incense stick in home not only brings a freshness in the ambience, but also boosts one’s concentration while studying, performing meditation or doing yoga.

3] Removes negativity – As per studies, it is been seen that incense sticks are helpful in removing negative vibes out of home. There are certain incense sticks which have the features to remove the impure energy out of the living space and attract positive vibes.


4] Helpful in improving sleeping habits – Incense stick with fragrance of lavender, rose are useful in getting one a proper sleep. In today’s stressful life, people are prone to suffer from insomnia. Thus, when one lights an incense stick in his living space, the fragrance released from the incense stick relaxes the mind and enables one to get a sound sleep.

People who have affinity for fragrances prefer to have incense sticks at their home and office. Whether it is worshipping God, meditating or simply unwinding, incense stick offer many benefits which are good for health.

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